School Uniform Vouchers are provided to economically challenged students to meet mandatory public school dress codes.  Having clean, school appropriate clothing enhances the learning experience, the self-confidence and the motivation of students.


Emergency Rental Assistance is a partnership program with Catholic Charities and Interfaith Ministries, for some of their special cases where an unexpected shortfall in cash can jeopardize a family’s ability to meet their monthly rental obligations.  Sometimes, a relatively small amount of temporary assistance can help a family avoid a larger crisis while regaining economic stability.


Commercial Drivers’ License Training is provided through a partnership with the Alliance for Multicultural Community Services.  Learning how to drive commercial vehicles is a skill that is in high demand and can be learned in a matter of weeks.  Participants benefit by becoming vocationally skilled in a field that offers excellent compensation and employment opportunities.


Educational and Vocational Scholarships are sponsored by The Select Center and awarded by Interfaith Ministries and YMCA International Services.  The ability to attend college or a vocational school can make a huge difference in a young person’s life.  Minimizing the necessity to take on burdensome school loans allows more freedom after graduation to explore careers and job opportunities.


Eye Care is available for no charge to participants through a special arrangement with WalMart Vision Centers.  Poor eyesight is an impediment to finding a job or holding a job.  School work is almost impossible without good vision.  Corrected eye sight can be a simple solution to some cases of chronic unemployment or failing school performance.


Refugee Career Center & Employment Lab is a program offering classes in resume writing, interview preparation, and networking strategies for the refugee and immigrant community, with an understanding of their unique challenges and opportunities. Regular ESL and Vocational ESL learning opportunities are also available through a combination of distance and onsite instruction. Classes are led by professional career coaches and are focused on removing employment barriers and assisting in the job search process.


JS101 is a free program for job seekers in the general population, that teaches a systematic approach to job search.  For many unemployed workers, looking for a job is an inefficient and unproductive process that minimizes the probability of success.  With JS101 training, job seekers learn recommended strategies for time management and best practices that are most likely to produce positive results. Check out JS101 here!