Hello! My name is Juan Aranibar and I recently moved to the Houston area. I'm focusing my job search in the software development field and worked for three years in this field in Cuba. I worked in the financial services industry and helped to develop software for banks and financial institutions. I noticed that your company is focused on developing software in this industry and is looking for a developer. Can you tell me more about this opportunity?


Hi, my name is Alena Hamed and I am an experienced mechanical engineer. I’m very excited to see your organization here today because I have over 15 years of experience in the oil and gas industry working in Iraq. I am really interested in the Field Engineer position that is posted on your website and was hoping you could tell me a little more about it today.


Hi, I’m Anita Diaz and I’m interested in your bilingual customer service representative position that is posted online. Your organization recently captured my attention because of your expansion into Mexico and Central America. I am fluent in Spanish and possess strong communication skills which allow me to form positive relationships with customers. I’m excited to contribute these skills. I recently completed the online application for the position and am curious what the next steps are in the application process.