1. Networking Basics: What It Is, What It’s Not, and How to Do It

2. Nurture Networking Program

  • Personal Network:
  1. Post on FB bi-weekly with details on your job search. Include a link to your LinkedIn profile and the type of job you are seeking.
  2. Initiate direct contact with all members of Personal Network
  3. Follow up with email, call, or in-person meeting monthly


3. Professional Network:

  • Contact (Email or Phone Call) all members with regular status updates.
  • Expand First Degree Connections on LinkedIn. Post updates and/or articles daily. 


4. Groups Network

  • Join Groups
  1. and are great resources for finding groups to join.
  2. Inform group members of active job search.
  3. Follow up as needed.


5. Target Company Contact Network

  • Execute First Action: Email or Direct Mail/Drop In
  • Execute Second Action:  Opposite of First Touch
  • Execute Third Action:  Phone Call/Voice Mail
  • Follow Up Action: Phone Call or Email


6. Recruiter Network

  • Contact (Email, Phone Call, and/or Interview)
  • Regular Follow Up w/Status Updates:  Phone Call or Email


7. Evaluate Results

8. Modify, and Expand the Target Company Network; Repeat Nurture Process




1. Supplement Network Nurturing with Additional Job Search Activities

  • Improve Your LinkedIn Profile
  • Increase Your LinkedIn Knowledge
  • Expand Your LinkedIn Connections
  • Research Career Paths and Career Options
  • Seek Informational Interviews

2. Enhance Skills

3. Volunteer

4. Perform Temporary or Contract Work

5. Prepare For Interviews: Phone, Individual, or Group

  • Class Recommendation: Classes at The Select Center – Interviewing (Thurs.)
  • Book Recommendation: What Color Is Your Parachute? By Richard N. Bolles

6. Submit Online Applications (See Appendix)

  • Class Recommendation: Classes at The Select Center – Applications (Tues.)

7. Join Organizations; Professional and Social

8. Attend Job Fairs

9. Study Job Search

10. Looking Ahead/Being Prepared for Next Time

  • Expand your LinkedIn Network
  • Enhance your LinkedIn Profile
  • Expand your Personal, Professional and Group Networks
  • Update your resume regularly