1. Job search is a skill that few job seekers have.  Without a systematic plan, time invested can be unproductive and ineffective. 
  2. There are only 7 ways to job search. You need to budget time based on the probability of success.  You can walk in, call in, mail in, email in, apply in, staffing company in, or network in.  Networking is by far the most likely to produce results. Time should be allocated based on probability of success.
  3. Your odds for success are maximized by becoming a Known Candidate applying for an Unposted Job. 
  4. Job search is a numbers game that requires dedicated, focused, full time effort.  The more “seeds” that you plant, the higher the probability that one will sprout.  Of course, high quality seeds offer a better chance of growing than poor quality seeds.
  5. Employers have increased their use of technology; job seekers need to respond accordingly.  Technology to apply for jobs has outpaced employers’ ability to process applications. 
  6. The length of time it takes you to find your next job will be inversely proportional to the amount of time you invest in executing your Job Search Plan.
  7. You must talk to a Decision Maker to get a job. Therefore, all job search activities should be focused on obtaining conversations/interviews with Decision Makers.
  8. The good news is you only need one job; and, there are good jobs available even in “down” economies.  Companies always have a need for honest, hardworking, and capable employees.

You are more likely to find employment sooner if you “plan your search and work your plan.”