Things you need to know:

1. Job Search:  A Time for Self-Assessment

When you’re in a job search, this can be the perfect time for self-assessment. Revisiting your strengths, weaknesses, passions and goals can help you to start your job search on the right track and effectively organize and implement a plan of action towards your target career path.

  • Book Recommendation: What Color Is Your Parachute? By Richard N. Bolles

2. The Psychological Challenges of Job Search/Finding Support

3. Personal Discipline/The Challenge of Staying Motivated

4. You Must Make a Personal Commitment; Job Search is Job

5. The Importance of Time Management; Setting Up Your Home Office

Find a way to organize your time that works best for you.

  • If you prefer to write things down, one suggestion is a Passion Planner (
  • If you prefer electronic ways of organizing, some suggestions are Google Keep ( and Evernote (

6. The Importance of Networking

Networking is critical and is your best chance at finding employment. Statistically in the United States, around 80% of jobs are gotten through networking.

  • Here is a short list of places to start with online for networking: LinkedIn, Shapr, Meetup, Eventbrite, Facebook.

7. The Value of Having a Plan

Having a job search plan is critical. It keeps you organized and on target. It also allows you to track your progress and determine what is working and what isn’t. Creating a plan and following our systematic approach will help you manage your time, efforts, and ultimately, find a job in less time than going about it without a strategic approach.


Before starting, you need to determine your:

1. Employment Objective(s): What You Want to Be

2. Preferred Function(s): What You Want to Do

3. Core Message: What You Can Do For An Employer

  • Class Recommendation: Classes at The Select Center – Resumes (Tues.) and Networking (Wed.)
  • Book Recommendation: What Color Is Your Parachute? By Richard N. Bolles


You need to identify your Networks:

1. Personal Network

2. Professional Network

3. Groups Network

4. Target Company Contact Network

5. Recruiter Network


You also need to prepare these job search tools:

1. Basic Resume

2. Basic Cover Letter/Email

3. LinkedIn Profile

4. Target Company List

5. Network Contact Tracking System

6. Answers to Common Interview Questions

7. Thank You Note/Email

8. Voice Mail Script

9. Facebook Account

10. Business Card (Optional)

11. Postcard (Optional)


General Information on Job Search to Research

1. Top 10 Mistakes Made by Job Seekers

2. Common Myths in Hiring and Employment

3. Employment in Houston

4. Online Resources

5. Reference USA

6. Occupational Outlook Handbook

  • Class Recommendation: Classes at The Select Center – Job Search on the Internet (Mon.)